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10 May, 2004
Learner training is about developing students' awareness of how they learn. It aims to develop students' learning strategies with the intention of making learners more effective and independent.
Product and process writing: A comparison - writing article
3 May, 2004
There are several ways to approach writing in the classroom. It should be said at the beginning that there is not necessarily any 'right' or 'best' way to teach writing skills.
A Task-based approach - methodology article
26 April, 2004
In recent years a debate has developed over which approaches to structuring and planning and implementing lessons are more effective. This article presents an overview of a task-based learning...
12 February, 2004
This article presents ideas on how to help your students remember vocabulary.
5 February, 2004
This article looks at what needs to be taught when teaching vocabulary and ways to present and teach vocabulary.
19 January, 2004
Hopefully if we start educating learners from a young age they will be more comfortable with phonemic script and see the benefits of it when they are older and more self-aware learners.
Collocation with advanced levels 1 - not entirely...proper/appropriate/good? - vocabulary article
28 November, 2003
This article gives an overview of the topic of collocation in English language teaching and shows how this is a key area of study for advanced level students.
Making listening an authentic experience - listening article
14 November, 2003
In this article I would like to focus on two key areas of developing our students' listening skills.
Error Correction 2 - methodology article
7 August, 2003
As mentioned in Error Correction 1, students can differ greatly in their attitude to producing spoken English. Some are only interested in developing their fluency at the expense of accuracy while...
Approaches to process writing - writing article
28 July, 2003
What makes an effective piece of writing? Good writers plan and revise, rearrange and delete text, re-reading and producing multiple drafts before they produce their finished document. This is what...
Error Correction 1 - methodology article
16 July, 2003
When it comes to error correction we are dealing with one individual's reaction to a student's piece of writing or utterance. This inevitably means that there will be some disagreement among teachers...
Lexical Approach 1 - What does the lexical approach look like? - methodology article
1 July, 2003
This is the first part of an article looking at the theories of language which form the foundations of the lexical approach to teaching English.
1 July, 2003
This is the second part of an article looking at the theories of language which form the foundations of the lexical approach to teaching English.
An introduction to using visualisation - methodology article
2 May, 2003
Visualisation has been widely used in sports psychology over the last 30 years to enhance all aspects of performance. In this article I will be looking at some of the ways that it can be applied to...
Teaching speaking skills 1 - speaking article
13 March, 2003
'I can understand my teacher's English, but when I speak to 'real people' I can't understand them'. This is a comment I'm sure many teachers have heard.
Rediscovering silent grammar - methodology article
5 February, 2003
Many of us may be familiar with aspects of the Silent Way, mainly because in recent years it has been popular to use "Silent Way" techniques for teaching pronunciation, for example in the work of...
Teaching pronunciation with phonemic symbols - pronunciation article
5 March, 2002
Phonemic symbols represent the sounds of the English language.