Teaching for Success self-study booklets: a guide for teacher associations

This publication gives tips and guidance on how to use our series of Teaching for Success self-study booklets with groups.

This guide explains the purpose of the Teaching for Success self-study booklets and looks at ways teacher associations and groups of teachers can use the guides for effective professional development. The guides, which are based on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teachers, can easily be used by teachers working on their own or together in pairs and groups, as well as by teacher educators responsible for supporting teachers in their professional development.

Within the guide, you'll discover:

  • what the CPD framework for teachers is

  • the professional development activities that the 12 self-study guides provide

  • how teacher educators can effectively use the resource

  • how the self-study guides can support CPD in learning networks and teacher groups

  • how teachers can work together productively throughout this process

  • how self-study guides promote collaboration among teachers

  • how digital tools can aid the use of self-study guides.

You'll also hear teacher Kalli's personal story of how the CPD framework and self-study guides have helped her in her professional development.

Download the full publication by clicking the link below.

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