Reflective practice for language teachers

This practical step-by-step book is written specifically for language teachers by Thomas S. C. Farrell, a leading expert on reflective practice.

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What is reflective practice?

The book assumes no previous familiarity with the idea of reflecting on teaching. You will be introduced to the purpose and importance of reflection and guided through its historical roots. By reading this book, you will have a clear definition of what the process of reflective practice is, making it accessible and relevant to your teaching.

Written with language educators in mind, the book gives you a straightforward framework designed to help you engage easily in reflective practice. At each step, you will find an example of an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher following this framework and demonstrating how reflection can be a powerful tool for refining and developing your teaching approaches.

You will be introduced to various reflective tools and discover ways to develop your skills as a reflective teacher. Each chapter introduces 'Reflective breaks', providing opportunities for you to pause and consider your own thoughts. Whether you choose to document your reflections or engage in discussions with colleagues, these breaks offer flexibility in aligning with your personal approach to reflective practice.

Understanding the time constraints faced by educators, the book is structured to accommodate to your busy schedule. You can read or skip chapters and navigate directly to the topics that are of most interest to you. As you progress, you will develop your own insights on managing your professional development within the field of language education.

Improve and enrich your exploration of reflective practice, allowing the pages to guide you towards a deeper understanding of its significance in language teaching.

About the author

Thomas S. C. Farrell is a professor in applied linguistics at Brock University, Canada. He has been involved with English as a Second Language (ESL) and applied linguistics for over thirty years and has written extensively on topics such as reflective practice, language teacher development, and language teacher education.

For more information visit his website: Reflective Inquiry


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reflective practice is a timely teaching approaches which has a huge power for both teachers and their students

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