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This e-book was originally published in print form by the Catalan Teachers of English Association (APAC). 

This booked published by Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya (APAC) helped to launch the BritLit initiative at the APAC Congress in February 2009. It coincided with a visit to schools in the city of author Louise Cooper, who also contributes to this book, and a short series of workshops for teachers about the project.
This slightly revised version has been produced because it was recognised that teachers worldwide would be interested in the contents, not just those fortunate enough to live in Catalonia. The contents cover the whole range of BritLit activity in that the voices of teachers and authors are heard along with some comments from students, as well as more detailed studies from the project team and academics.

The BritLit project has produced numerous resources for teachers and students, which can be found on the British Council TeachingEnglish website. 
These include the complete versions of the sample kits to be found in this book as well as nearly 40 other resource packs or kits, ranging from stories for primary school learners of English to those studying at tertiary level.

Fitch O'Connell - BritLit.
This book is free to download below as a pdf file.


Submitted by Nizum on Fri, 09/08/2023 - 18:33

To start off, all english teachers uses picture book and story book but they dont know how to use it, subsequently its a good idea. Thanks BritLit to share us this ideas. .

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