Projects in materials design

In this 1980 collection in the ELT Documents series, authors engaged in different projects share their experiences of producing, adapting and using English for specific purposes (ESP) materials. This was a time of rapid expansion in the field, with a corresponding multiplication of teaching challenges and attempts to find solutions.

A range of contexts are discussed by different authors, from English for French Baccalauréat students, to ESP programmes in educational institutions in locations as varied as Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia, the UK and Venezuela. Different chapters look at materials and course design, approaches to teaching reading, publishing projects, and the running of a language centre. Authors acknowledge the difficulty of accommodating various stakeholders, and challenges including resource-poor contexts, teacher isolation, and conflicting methodologies. At the end of the book there is an author Index to the ELT Documents series, 1971–1980.

This book is free to download below as a pdf file.



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Glad that the materials sound interesting - you can download them from the link above,


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iwant to lean this course

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