English in the world: Teaching and learning the language and literatures

This book contains papers from an International Conference on 'Progress in English Studies' held in London between 17 and 21 September 1984, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Council and its contribution to the field of English Studies over 50 years.

Edited by Randolph Quirk and HG Widdowson, the book is structured according to seven main themes: The English language in a global context, English literature in a global context, Information and educational technology, Teacher preparation, Learner-centred methodology, Literature teaching, English for specific purposes, and Retrospect and prospect. In all but the last section there are two papers, each of which is responded to by two commentators, with ensuing discussion also being summarised. Attended by more than 70 experts from the UK and 38 overseas countries, the event resulted in the emergence of suggestions for future developments regarding the policy and planning of English studies, as recorded in a final section entitled ‘Retrospect and prospect’.

This book is free to download below as a pdf file.

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