A handbook for exploratory action research

This is a practical handbook, written in a non-academic, teacher-friendly style, to show teachers how they can engage in research.


The relationship between English and employability in MENA

This report explores the relationship between English language learning and employability in the MENA. 


Reports on English language teaching and learning in the Maghreb

This collection of reports outlines the context for English language training, teaching and learning across Maghreb.


Multilingual classrooms: Opportunities and challenges for English medium instruction in low and middle income contexts

This report recognises both the arguments for education to be in a familiar language and the demand for English.


A history of IATEFL: The first 50 years of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

This book tells the story of IATEFL – the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. 


English in Education: Bihar State Profile, India (BLISS English profile report)

The research report aims to investigate educational systems in Bihar and the place of English within them. 


Champion Teachers: Stories of exploratory action research

This book provides nine easily accessible examples of exploratory action research projects.


LETs and NESTs: voices, views and vignettes

This unique, insightful and challenging collection provides a thought-provoking read.


Early childhood education in English for speakers of other languages

This report studies teaching and learning of English in early years settings.


English medium instruction in Iraqi Kurdistan - perspectives from lecturers at state universities

The increasing prevalence of EMI in higher education is reflected in the extensive and rapidly growing literature.



English for specific purposes

This 1978 publication focuses on English for academic purposes (EAP) also referred to at the time as English for educational purposes, and comprises seven chapters. Hawkey's introduction notes 'the significant agreement in all the papers on the importance of designing courses to train specific and relevant study as well as purely communication skills'.


English in the world: Teaching and learning the language and literatures

This book contains papers from an International Conference on 'Progress in English Studies' held in London between 17 and 21 September 1984, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Council and its contribution to the field of English Studies over 50 years.


Projects in materials design

In this 1980 collection in the ELT Documents series, authors engaged in different projects share their experiences of producing, adapting and using English for specific purposes (ESP) materials. This was a time of rapid expansion in the field, with a corresponding multiplication of teaching challenges and attempts to find solutions.


Issues in language testing

This book is based on papers and discussions at a Lancaster University symposium in October 1980 where seven applied linguists met to discuss problems in language testing. In the Introduction, the book's editor Charles Alderson refers to the discomfort felt by many language teaching practitioners faced with the subject of 'testing', given the predominance of statistical analysis in the field.


Index to English language teaching journal, 1972–1977

This 1977 publication supplements the Index to Twenty-Five Years of English Language Teaching, which covered the years from the launch of the journal in 1946 to 1971. This follow-up volume contains 14 index sections, covering the same subject areas as the first volume, from spoken English to language learning, plus an author index.


The teaching of comprehension

This publication contains papers discussed at a British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) seminar at the University of Edinburgh in September 1977.


Individualization and autonomy in language learning

This 1988 publication consists of papers presented at the 1987 SELMOUS conference in Durham for EAP practitioners.


The English language abroad: Extracted from the British Council’s Annual Report, 1960–61

This pamphlet conveys an optimistic view of the expanding role of the English language worldwide, and a view of English language teaching (ELT) as no longer being the 'prerogative of English-speaking countries' alone. The publication is partly a call to action, and partly a description of the British Council's work in ELT at the time.


Team teaching in ESP

This 1980 title looks at collaborative teaching where a subject and an English language specialist plan and deliver lessons jointly. Contributions in the book come from two universities; a further education college; an adult literacy unit; a national technical institute; a United Nations institute; and the British Council.


Best of ELTECS

This 1995 publication celebrates the five-year history of ELTECS (the English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme), set up in 1990 'to develop and sustain a network of ELT professionals across central and eastern Europe' following the fall of the Iron Curtain.



Change of Medium of instruction in Punjab's Government Schools - Perceptions and Prospects

This publication discusses findings related to the change of medium of instruction in Punjab's government schools.


Ministries of Education responses during Covid-19

Read two reports by the British Council - the first looking at Ministry of Education activity early on during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a second, later report looking at Ministry of Education responses during the period of schools reopening.


L2 reading and reading-while-listening in multimodal learning conditions: An eye-tracking study

This research study used eyetracking methods to investigate how learners process text, audio and pictures.


What is the impact of study abroad on oral fluency development? A comparison of study abroad and study at home

This paper explores the impact of studying abroad on oral fluency.


Internationalisation, higher education and the growing demand for English: An investigation into the EMI movement in China and Japan

This paper is a report of a study which aimed to understand the new and emerging global trend of EMI.


Children and teachers as co-researchers: A handbook of activities

This handbook offers a set of activities that teachers tried out in the Indian school classrooms with children of 8 to 14 years old.


An investigation into improved primary school English language learning in the traditional classroom

This paper reports on learning and teaching of English to primary pupils in government schools in Egypt.


Using action research to explore technology in language teaching: international perspectives

This report focuses on the use of ICT and new technologies in the classroom across different international contexts.


A comparative study of English language teacher recruitment, in-service education and retention in Latin America and the Middle East

This report compares the processes of recruitment, education and retention of English language teachers at all levels.


Children and teachers as co-researchers in Indian primary English classrooms

This project engaged teachers and learners to explore important issues in Indian primary English classrooms.


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