See the winners of the ELTRA 2020 awards

The 2020 British Council ELT Research Awards programme attracted 25 high quality proposals from universities across the UK.

All submissions were reviewed by a panel of evaluators against the following criteria:

  • impact
  • innovation
  • feasibility
  • expertise
  • opportunities for international collaboration
  • value for money
  • alignment with British Council priorities.

The following proposals were selected to receive a grant this year:

Liverpool John Moores University, Professor Michael Thomas

Minimum academic standards and the English language curriculum in Nigerian universities: benchmarking, implementation and evaluation (MERLIN Project)

University of Strathclyde, Dr Dario Banegas

Preparing future teachers for different CLIL models: An in-depth investigation of three cases

University of Bath, Dr Samantha Curle

University lecturer strategy use to introduce and explain STEM terminology in EMI contexts: an exploratory comparative study of China, Turkey, South Africa and Nepal

De Montfort University, Dr Jie Liu

How is critical thinking incorporated into pre-service teacher education in China?

University of Cambridge, Professor Ianthi Tsimpli

Reading for comprehension in primary school children in India: a teacher training programme

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