See the winners of the ELTRA 2019 awards

The 2019 British Council ELT Research Awards programme attracted 21 high quality proposals from universities across the UK.

All submissions were reviewed by a panel of evaluators against the following criteria:

  • impact
  • innovation
  • feasibility
  • expertise
  • opportunities for international collaboration
  • value for money
  • alignment with British Council priorities.

The following proposals were selected to receive a grant this year:

University of Central Lancashire

Dr Nicola Halenko

How to survive the first year: Delivering online support to bridge the gap between pre-service training and in-service reality for novice English language teachers.

Stirling University

Professor Fiona Copland

Investigating global practices in teaching English to young learners: ten years on

University of Warwick

Dr Anna Maria Pinter

Language learning ‘in the wild’: Implications of children’s playing of online games in English for their language learning

University College London (UCL)

Dr Eleonore Hargreaves

Why won't they speak English? An investigation into how young learners in middle-income-country schools learn spoken English

University of Leicester

Dr Pamela Rogerson-Revell

Resilience and beyond:facilitating learning and well-being in the refugee language classroom - an inquiry-based study of ELT provision for refugees in a UK University of Sanctuary

Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Phung Dao

Oral peer feedback in classroom second language task-based interaction

Northumbria University

Professor Graham Hall

English language teachers’ engagement with published research: perceptions, priorities and pedagogy

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