Find out who received funding from the ELTRA awards in 2017.

The 2017 British Council ELT Research Awards programme attracted 24 high quality proposals from universities across the UK.

All submissions were reviewed by a panel of evaluators against the following criteria:

  • impact
  • innovation
  • feasibility
  • expertise
  • opportunities for international collaboration
  • value for money
  • alignment with British Council priorities.

The following 10 proposals were selected to receive a grant this year:

  • Prof Ernesto Macaro from the Oxford University:

Transition from secondary education CLIL programmes (science) to tertiary education EMI


  • Dr Harry Kuchah from the University of Bath:

English medium Instruction (EMI) in a multilingual Francophone context: An investigation of the learning strategies and resources of primary school children in Cameroon


  • Dr Nicola Halenko from the University of Central Lancashire:

Embedding ICT to teach and assess the pragmatic targets of refusals and disagreements in spoken English


  • Dr William Baker from the  University of Southampton:

From English language learners to Intercultural Citizens: Chinese student sojourners development of intercultural citizenship in ELT and EMI programmes 


  • Dr Paul Roberts from the University of York:

A critical approach to training for English Medium Instruction in Higher Education: towards a theory of EMI  


  • Dr Susan Sheehan from the University of Huddersfield:

Classroom assessment: the development of teachers’ cognitions       


  • Dr Huahui Zhao from Leeds University:

Investigating the applicability of the CEFR for self-assessment in tertiary writing instruction in China: accessibility, feasibility, effectiveness and usefulness       


  • Dr Gwyneth James from the University of Hertfordshire:

ELT teachers’ stories of resilience          


  • Dr Lavinia Hirsu from the University of Glasgow:

Challenging the Translingual Turn: Student-Teachers’ Perceptions, Practices and Networks 


  • Dr Duncan Hunter from the University of Hull:

Understanding Reflective Writing in ELT Teacher Education: an Investigation Characterizing Successful Instances

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