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This selection of British Council publications contains books, research reports and case studies focusing on English language teaching, teacher education and language education policy. The collection includes the English Language Teaching Research Papers series which shares research undertaken in partnership with UK universities and research institutions.

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Black woman sitting in front of a laptop computer

Artificial intelligence and English language teaching: Preparing for the future

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used for English language teaching and learning (ELT/L) worldwide? What are the opportunities, issues, and challenges? Educational technology experts working with the British Council looked at the current literature and consulted a range of people to understand their views on this subject.

Exploratory action research in Thai schools

This report from Thailand showcases the outcomes of an exploratory action research mentorship program, offering insights into English education challenges and effective solutions.

Why won't they speak English?

This report investigates children's anxiety and autonomy during English lessons through the lens of Self Determination Theory and suggests ways to improve learning experiences.

Two female Japanese school students in a classroom sitting down looking at a tablet device

Gender roles in English language textbooks in Japan

This study explores aspects of improving gender equality in the Japanese educational context, specifically English language teaching, by analysing the representation of women in four widely used English language textbooks as well as the intersection of race and other defining human characteristics.

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