Understanding the effectiveness of professional development opportunities for teachers delivered remotely

This report evaluates the effectiveness of teacher development opportunities delivered remotely.

About this publication

A year on from the start of the pandemic, this evaluation looks at existing literature around remote learning effectiveness in general and at specific examples of the use of different remote channels currently being deployed on three British Council teacher development programmes in Palestine, Egypt and Syria; and on one regional programme involving teachers from across the Middle East and North Africa region.

From the literature review and a review of data from these four case studies, the report generates insights into the nature, challenge and opportunities of remotely delivered professional development for teachers, provides recommendations around good practice in the organisation of such kinds of teacher learning, and puts forward the case for a continued emphasis on remote delivery in line with the overall conclusions of its effectiveness.

Published May 2021

Watch an interview with the author 

In this insightful video interview with Steve Mann, the author of the publication, he discuss the following points:

  • The focus of the research and how he gathered the data and insights for the report
  • Why professional development can be effective in remote contexts and its benefits
  • Considerations and conditions for effective professional development in remote contexts



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