Teaching in low-resource classrooms: Voices of experience

The book is a collection of stories of success and of teacher-inquiry.

Throughout the world English is often taught in ‘low-resource’ classrooms, but there are few training materials which are derived from and which reflect this reality. This book, with associated video, is intended to help fill the gap. 

This is an edited collection of stories authored by members of a group of 34 teachers and teacher educators from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, who came together for a five-day Hornby Regional School in Kathmandu. Based on an ‘enhancement approach’, the materials show that there is particular value for teachers in difficult circumstances in collaboratively sharing examples of successful teaching as a starting point for their own further development. They also show that a useful approach to developing appropriate methodology for such circumstances is teacher research on a basis of initial and ongoing collaborative work.

The book and associated video materials can be used informally by teachers as a stimulus for reflection and inquiry or for discussion in teacher associations, English teacher clubs or other forms of self-help group. They can also be used in in-service training workshops. Each individual story is followed by questions for reflection and discussion to help with these uses. The stories can also be used by teacher educators in initial teacher training programmes for student teachers who are likely to be teaching in relatively difficult circumstances.

This publication is free to download in pdf format below.

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