Supporting schools and teachers teaching refugee children

This report examines the impact of teacher training on education in refugee-impacted schools, highlighting successes and challenges.


The report presents a comprehensive analysis of a study conducted across 34 schools, involving 120 teachers and 459 learners, within refugee-impacted areas encompassing settlements in Kyangwali, Imvepi, Rhino Camp and Nakivale, and Kampala. Focused on the Language for Resilience initiative, sponsored by the British Council, the research explores the transformative impact of teacher training and the use and application of educational materials or guides provided in the form of handbooks.

Findings reveal an increase in teachers incorporating refugees' native languages into lessons, rising from 35 per cent in 2018 to 79 per cent, however, this result applied only to those teachers who attended training on the handbook. The report calls for broader handbook distribution, enhanced training dissemination strategies, and the rapid implementation of the recently developed and piloted Bridging Course for Refugee Children, developed with the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC). It emphasises the need for principled bilingual education to foster learning while nurturing literacy and English language development.

The report and teacher handbook are available to download below.

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