Sticky objects and pathways to well-being and resilience: teacher understandings of and practices in positive psychology in their classrooms

This project investigated teacher perspectives on well-being in their EAP classrooms in Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Teachers tracked objects that attracted positive emotions in their daily teaching lives, using an app to keep photographs and comments over 1 month, with follow-up interviews. Analysis revealed the importance of interpersonal relationships, pedagogy and student progress, self-care, and the environment. The project uniquely combined positive psychology, exploratory practice, and ‘sticky objects’ to examine theory and practice in higher education. Implications include a need for institutions to create environments where supportive relationships can flourish, and prioritising the importance of positive emotions in teacher CPD programmes.

This publication is free to download in a pdf format below.


Submitted by Sahile Maharramova on Fri, 10/29/2021 - 10:54

To my mind environment and knowing psychology is important for teachers who teach language

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