Secondary English language teaching in Kazakhstan

This report examines the status of English language teaching in secondary schools in Kazakhstan.

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In 2021-22, the University of Leicester conducted a thorough research project for the British Council. The project studied how English language teaching is carried out in mainstream schools across six countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The goal was to understand how English language policies and educational processes affect the teaching methods and attitudes of English teachers in each country.

This report has been compiled by Simon Borg, an expert in English language teaching and teacher education. Based on the research data, the report highlights the supportive policies and programmes that help improve English language instruction in secondary schools in Kazakhstan. It also identifies factors that may limit effective English language learning in secondary education, including aspects of initial teacher training, ongoing professional development, and the status of English in key school-leaving and university admission assessments.

To enhance English language education in secondary schools in Kazakhstan, the report offers practical recommendations for improvement.

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