Professional development through Teacher Activity Groups

This report examines use of a model of continuing professional development (CPD) called Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs).

Drawing on evidence from six British Council projects in different countries, the analysis reviews the implementation of TAGs, their impact on teachers and students, and the challenges that TAGs may give rise to. Recommendations for setting up TAG projects are also provided.

Although the projects reviewed here mainly involved teachers of English as a foreign language in primary and secondary state schools, TAGs can support the CPD of teachers of any subject at all levels of education. The insights provided here will, therefore, be relevant to the use of formal communities of practice for teacher development more generally.

Watch the four-minute video summary and learn more about TAGs, also download the publication in pdf format below.


Submitted by Elmer2024 on Mon, 04/01/2024 - 23:27

A good way to learn is to solve issues, exchange ideas, and make plans of action. As a result, we can select talks, themes, and activities based on the needs of the teachers and gain knowledge from others. Through experiences, we gain knowledge.

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