Preparing future teachers for CLIL: An in-depth investigation of three cases

This report presents the results of a study about preparing teachers for content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

CLIL has spread around the world as a powerful educational approach which combines subject and additional language learning, and therefore, it is important to ensure quality teacher preparation for this approach. This research used questionnaires, interviews, classroom observation, and a detailed analysis of the teacher-educators’ teaching materials as well as their student-teachers’ learning artefacts. Three teacher educators and their student-teachers based in Argentina, Colombia, and Spain participated in the investigation. The report presents an overview of CLIL as well as details about the participants’ practices and views on CLIL.

Citation: Banegas, D. L., & del Pozo Beamud, M. (2022). Preparing future teachers for CLIL: An in-depth investigation of three cases (Version 1). British Council. Available online at: 

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