The practices, perspectives and professional needs of in-service teacher educators in Nepal

This report gives insights and recommendations for improving in-service teacher training in Nepal. Explore strategies to enhance trainer quality, improve selection processes, and encourage effective classroom practices.

Within Nepal's federal education framework, Provincial Education Training Centres (PETCs) play an important role in providing in-service teacher education. However, there are challenges in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of training programmes. A recent study supported by the British Council and Nepal's Ministry of Education reports on areas for improvement and offers actionable recommendations.

The study, conducted between October and December 2023 across Nepal's seven provinces, shows the need to enhance PETC trainer quality. Currently, in-service teacher development depends on using roster trainers, who often have limited preparation and resources. To address this, the report suggests developing professional standards for trainers and improving selection processes to ensure competence and diversity among trainers.

Moreover, the study highlights the importance of supporting collaboration among trainers and including subject-specific approaches to training. By providing trainers with opportunities for ongoing professional development and incorporating ICT tools, such as online communities and digital resources, Nepal can enhance the effectiveness of their teacher educators and build on their capacity to train teachers.

Furthermore, the report emphasises the need for better data management systems to track training outcomes and inform decision-making. The report also recommends long-term planning for training courses and the introduction of school-based projects. These help to give practical relevance and impact in teacher development programmes.

This comprehensive approach aims to address important challenges and promote sustainable improvements in in-service teacher training, contributing to the overall enhancement of Nepal's educational system. These recommendations for the Nepal education system and indeed other education systems facing similar challenges can strengthen a country's capacity to support teacher development and improve educational outcomes nationwide. 

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