Language teaching experiences during Covid-19

The purpose of this research is to inform the understanding of teachers, trainers, managers and policy makers about the perceived impact of remote teaching on language teaching experiences during Covid-19.

This research report gives voice to 1102 language professionals across 49 countries around the world and explores their teaching experiences at the height of Covid-19. Following a mixed-methods approach, it sheds light on their perceptions, challenges and opportunities as language instruction shifted online, and discusses what can be learned in light of this. As the educational community recovers from the pandemic, this study can assist teachers, trainers, managers and policy makers in developing more robust pedagogical approaches to online and blended language education; not only as an emergency response but also as a way of re-thinking language teaching, learning, and assessment.

Watch a webinar presentation about the research.

Click or tap to read a review of the publication, written by Andy Hockley

About the author

Sophia Mavridi is a lecturer in digital technologies and English language teaching at De Montfort University in the UK. Her research focuses on online and digital language learning and the increasingly important role of digital literacies in language education.



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