Find and download a wide variety of research publications and resource books for teachers, trainers and other ELT professionals. In this section, you will find an extensive collection of publications that provide practical insights, perspectives and learning on current issues in English Language Teaching. These publications will help inform your work and ensure you remain up to date, whether you are a teacher, teacher educator, policymaker or other professional in the field of ELT.

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A selection of books on English language teaching theory and practice, including self access professional development guides and photocopiable activity resource books for use in the classroom or teacher training room.
Find books, research reports and case studies on English language teaching, published by the British Council. The collection includes the English Language Teaching Research Papers series which shares research undertaken in partnership with UK universities and research institutions.
A series of classic texts from the British Council, made available online to celebrate the British Council's 75th and 80th anniversaries.
The English Language Teaching Research Awards (ELTRAs) aim to facilitate the production of innovative research to benefit the learning and teaching of English throughout the world by co-funding a number of partnership awards.
Every year the British Council partners with UK universities to find ELT Master's dissertations with potential for impact on policy and practice. Read the winning dissertations and find out how to apply.