Find a range of publications and research, as well as engaging and informative webinar and conference recordings from ELT experts around the world, that are relevant to the professional practice 'Using multilingual approaches'.
18 November, 2009
As part of the British Council’s 75th anniversary celebrations, a number of publications are being re-launched online, previously only available in print.
Personal Learning Networks - resources article - guest writers
18 November, 2009
Here is Gavin Dudeney's second exclusive article for TeachingEnglish.
28 October, 2009
What do you think is important when you tell a story to young learners?
How to be a trainer - methodology article - guest writers
21 October, 2009
In the first article I wrote for this guest writer spot, I looked at all the basic questions we can ask about being an English language teacher trainer, educator or mentor. I chose the question for...
Am I ready to be a teacher trainer? - methodology article - guest writers
7 October, 2009
Experienced teachers sometimes ask themselves the question, 'Am I ready to be a teacher trainer?'
1 September, 2009
This e-book was originally published in print form by the Catalan Teachers of English Association, Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya (APAC), to help launch the BritLit initiative at the...
6 July, 2009
The future of English? was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol.
Managers and management training - resources article - guest writers
26 February, 2009
Management vacancies that arise in LTOs (language training organisations) can be filled by candidates recruited from outside an organisation but are frequently taken up by teachers selected/promoted...
Ways to continuing professional development - speaking article - guest writers
13 February, 2009
Lifelong learning and continuous professional development in my opinion are much the same thing.
Tips for ELT managers - speaking article - guest writers
4 February, 2009
Like many others, I rather fell into ELT management. One moment I was in the classroom, the next I was sorting out teaching materials into files for the staffroom and the next I knew I had stepped...
22 December, 2008
This 96-page handbook has been produced for English teachers, by English teachers. It provides you with good practical advice and ideas on how to become more aware and integrate aspects of equal...
The voices that guide us - methodology article - guest writers
12 December, 2008
Which voices do you hear in the course of your professional life, as you prepare, teach and reflect? Which ones are the strongest? Which do you really listen to and take notice of?
Teacher-induced neuroses - methodology article - guest writers
2 December, 2008
This is the first in Rod Bolitho's series of articles for TeachingEnglish. Over my years of learning, teaching and training I have become increasingly aware of the impact that teachers can and often...
Presenting business vocabulary to beginners - speaking article
12 November, 2008
Pre-selecting, grading and presenting business vocabulary - Is this the way forward? Traditionally curriculum developers and materials writers have assumed it would be worthwhile to make a selection...
10 November, 2008
This 54-page booklet comprises a collection of papers with contributions from leading researchers on global citizenship in language education in several corners of the globe.
Techniques for form focus after reading - reading article - guest writers
30 April, 2008
In my earlier articles Reading for information, Form focus and recycling, and Techniques for Priming and recycling, I set out a four stage cycle for teaching reading.
27 February, 2008
This handbook has one simple purpose: to provide some practical suggestions for language teachers.
27 February, 2008
English next was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol – a British applied linguist, well known as a writer, broadcaster, researcher and consultant on issues...
27 February, 2008
A teaching pack based on materials developed by the British Council in cooperation with the BBC World Service for those starting to teach creative writing in the English language classroom.
27 February, 2008
The Language Assistant manual was written as a guide and handbook for novice English language teachers taking their first steps into the classroom.
28 December, 2007
This resource pack provides practical activities for teachers to be used in the classroom primarily in Latin America, although these can also be adapted to suit other international contexts, as a...
28 December, 2007
A 44 page illustrated book on the subject of English Language Teaching which covers the topics of planning and preparing lessons, teaching methodology and classroom practice, as well as using...
Presenting new language - methodology article
7 November, 2007
When we decide to present new language items to learners explicitly, there are two underlying approaches for the differing techniques we can use – deductive and inductive.
Monitoring - methodology article
6 July, 2006
Monitoring is a classroom management technique loosely defined as listening to the learners for their accuracy and fluency, or checking to see whether activities are going to plan and that the...
19 October, 2005
I like to bring poetry into the classroom because I believe that it is important and motivating for students to work with authentic texts.
17 May, 2004
New words enter the English language all the time - the exact number is uncertain but there are thousands appearing every year.
Professional competence 2 - methodology article
28 March, 2003
Here is a selection of top tips to help teachers of English develop their professional competence. They cover issues of professional conduct, strategies for dealing with students and their language...
Professional competence 1 - methodology article
28 March, 2003
Here is a selection of top tips to help teachers of English develop their professional competence. They cover issues of professional conduct, strategies for dealing with students and their language...
Repertoire - methodology article
15 January, 2003
All teachers have a variety of techniques and activities that they regularly use - their repertoire.
Action research - methodology article
20 October, 2002
Action research can make you a "student of teaching" (John Dewey).