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In this section, you will find a number of blog posts, which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Understanding learners'. From primary-aged students to retired learners, the articles you will find here are practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and planning for all kinds of classrooms.

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07 Apr 2014

The Latin root of the word motivation means "that which inwardly moves a person to behave a certain way."

26 Feb 2014

As a YL teacher, I think we tend to neglect the communicative needs of our kids.

22 Jan 2014

Five jobs you need to know if you teach teenagers

17 Jan 2014

Teenagers are often described as an unwelcome bunch of learners that pose multiple difficulties to teachers.

16 Jan 2014

One of my favourite lessons to do, either with new or established students is one that is called ‘Lost’, I don’t suppose that this is...

10 Jan 2014

When adults talk about adolescents, it seems at times that they mean some species that are totally different from human beings.