English Teaching Talks - Inclusion

Use these videos from Susan Douglas about giving all our learners access to rich, inclusive and engaging learning opportunities.

About the English Teaching Talks series

English Teaching Talks is new series produced by the British Council and presented by English language teaching experts from around the world. Divided into 6 short episodes, each video gives practical and useful advice, and is designed to help you develop your skills as an English language teacher in a number of different areas. 

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About the videos

In this series of six short videos, Susan Douglas sets out how we can give all our learners access to rich and engaging learning and make our own contribution to the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goal 4’ about Inclusion. She tells us that inclusive teachers believe that they can make a difference and that all children can learn. She highlights that inclusive behaviours come from inclusive values and it’s these inclusive values that teachers can model and encourage in class. She gives practical examples to help teachers on this journey.

Below is a list of each video. All videos include subtitles in English:

Video 1: Introduction (3:50 minutes)

Video 2: What makes an inclusive teacher?  (4:56 minutes)

Video 3: Thinking inclusively: Medical and social models of disability (6:16 minutes)

Video 4: Creating an inclusive learning environment (6:16 minutes)

Video 5: Using inclusive pedagogies (6:30 minutes)

Video 6: Inclusive assessment (06:35 minutes)

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Susan tells us that to be able to give all our learners access to rich and engaging learning, teachers need to know how to:

  • understand and adopt the qualities of an inclusive teacher
  • think inclusively – know frameworks for thinking about inclusion.
  • create inclusive learning environments
  • use inclusive pedagogies
  • use inclusive assessment.

Pre-viewing task

Before you watch the videos, think about the question below. If you are using this resource as part of your professional development in your institution, discuss the questions below with your colleagues

  1. What do you and your school do to ensure that all children get access to rich and engaging learning?
  2. KWL: Choose one of the points in the rationale above. What do you Know about this topic? What do you Want to know?  After watching the video, you can come back to this and add what you have Learnt.   

While viewing

What are the main points Susan makes about each of the things in the rationale?

After viewing

  1. Which ideas Susan gives are easy for you to adapt in your classroom?
  2. Which ideas need the collaboration of other teachers/ school leaders?
  3. In video 2 Susan says that ‘inclusive behaviours come from inclusive values’. How can you/do you encourage ‘inclusive values’ among your students?
  4. KWL: In the pre-viewing task, you chose one of the points in the rationale and answered the questions: What do you know about this topic? What do you want to know?  Now you have watched the video, add what you have learnt.  
  5. What are you going to do differently after watching these videos?


Watch the introduction below. Click or tap here to watch all six videos in the series on YouTube



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