In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews, as well as video tips which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Planning lessons and courses'. From advice on how to teach primary-aged students to supporting adult learners in the EFL classroom, the content you will find here is practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and planning for all kinds of learners.

17 October, 2019
This self-study guide for teachers and teacher educators looks at planning lessons and courses.
28 September, 2019
Watch a recording of this talk by Bella Szyszkowska and Ella Watkins from the World Teachers' Day web conference 2019.
17 March, 2019
This webinar with Judy Boyle looks at how to integrate difficult topics in the language classroom.
9 September, 2017
Watch a recording of this talk by Nik Peachey, looking at how to integrate a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals...
9 September, 2017
Watch a recording of this panel discussion with Chrysa Papalazarou, Linda Ruas, Malu Sciamarelli and Adrian Tennant.
3 August, 2017
This handbook offers a set of activities that teachers have tried out in their Indian school classrooms with children...
8 February, 2017
Students coming to the UK frequently join their chosen university via a pre-sessional English language course, but...
12 December, 2016
Lewis Lansford, co-author of Keynote, winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Excellence in Course...
21 October, 2016
This paper addresses the learning and teaching of English, from the perspective of primary pupils in government schools...
28 September, 2016
This research report presents ‘bottom-up’ perspectives on teacher and learner attitudes to varieties of English across...
20 July, 2016
This research report describes an innovative project in which teachers and learners worked together to explore issues...
28 December, 2015
This paper investigates attitudes and perceived experiences of English learning by Chinese kindergarten children, 4-6...
Error correction
4 November, 2014
In this video, the theme is ways of correcting mistakes. Rachael Roberts, David Petrie, Sylvia Guinan, Lizzie Pinard...
14 October, 2014
Teacher talk is a series of videos featuring some of our TeachingEnglish Associates speaking about important teaching...
19 September, 2014
The theme of this video is encouraging speaking. Adam Simpson, Lizzie Pinard, Rachael Roberts and George Chilton look...
19 June, 2014
This new revised edition of 'Tell it Again!' shows how a story-based methodology brings together the best of primary...
26 September, 2011
This document, from 1983, offers a selection of project case studies and commentaries from various African contexts.
26 September, 2011
This book was produced following the Hornby workshop on language improvement for teachers in Senegal in 2009.
15 November, 2010
What kind of warmers do you use with your students?
27 February, 2008
A teaching pack based on materials developed by the British Council in cooperation with the BBC World Service for those...
28 December, 2007
This resource pack provides practical activities for teachers to be used in the classroom primarily in Latin America,...
28 December, 2007
This 44-page illustrated book on the subject of English Language Teaching covers the topics of planning and preparing...
8 January, 2016
Watch a recording of Rachael Roberts' webinar from January 2016 where she looked at a number of motivating writing...
29 July, 2015
The focus of this book is on practical activities which can help to nurture, develop and motivate our students.
9 May, 2011
This project may be of interest to anyone involved in curriculum development.