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In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews, as well as video tips which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Managing resources'.

7 January, 2021
Watch a recording of this webinar with The Garden Project team, ELTons 2020 Local Innovation Award winners. 
23 July, 2020
Download the resources guidance to help you develop your skills in the professional practice 'Managing resources'.
17 October, 2019
This self-study guide for teachers and teacher educators looks at managing resources
28 September, 2019
Watch a recording of this talk by Bella Szyszkowska and Ella Watkins from the World Teachers' Day web conference 2019.
29 October, 2018
This one-hour talk by Cheryl Palin and Katherine Bilsborough looks at writing stories for Primary ELT.
29 October, 2018
This webinar with Gail Ellis looks at using picturebooks with primary.
4 June, 2018
This webinar explores video, and the many errors and examples of poor practice which should be avoided.
11 August, 2015
This research report presents an innovative approach to teaching English in pre-primary classrooms.
19 March, 2015
Do you have problems drawing people and actions on the board for your students? In this video, Paul Millard from...
27 January, 2015
In this webinar, Victoria Boobyer talks about the why and how of Graded Readers.
17 September, 2014
Watch a recording of this webinar about using picturebooks in the primary classroom.
11 April, 2014
Watch a recording of this webinar looking at micro writing activities.
19 September, 2013
The power of an image often doesn’t lie in the image itself, but in its ability to trigger images and stories in the...
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you have to draw cats, dogs or birds on the board? 
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you often have to draw animals on the board? In this video, Paul Millard from the...
6 March, 2012
Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!
21 December, 2011
If you have the right facilities in your classroom, powerpoint can be a very useful addition to your teaching toolkit.
1 November, 2011
How do you use flashcards in your class? Watch Vikki, and then let us know how you use them by leaving a comment below...
23 August, 2011
Teachers often disagree on whether or not to use the phonemic chart in their lessons. Watch Peter and Clare argue for...
28 October, 2009
What do you think is important when you tell a story to young learners?
1 September, 2009
This e-book was originally published in print form by the Catalan Teachers of English Association (APAC). 
Teaching English Webinar: Classroom setting with boy watching tablet screen
9 June, 2021
Watch a recording of the second in our webinar series 'Using literature with young learners and teenagers', with David...
23 October, 2019
So, you want to put your creative talents to good use by designing excellent and engaging materials for your English...
27 September, 2017
The Image in English Language Teaching is a book edited by Kieran Donaghy and Daniel Xerri with contributions from...