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I’m not the kind of teacher who you usually find hovering round the photocopier, or laminating pretty pieces of card to use in class. Very often or not my resources are minimal; the course book, the internet, my own presentations, and of course, the students. For me, students are a fantastic source of information, after all, if you were to do the same lesson in their native language, then the richness and range of vocabulary and grammar would be beat any course book, so why not draw that out of them?

Anna Whitcher and Kieran Donaghy: Image makers in the future of ELT

In November 2014, at The Image Conference in Córdoba, Spain, we presented a short video called A Visual Manifesto for Language Teaching. Following the success of the conference, we were asked by the British Council's TeachingEnglish website to write an article about the film. In this brief question and answer session, we will explain the ideas behind the creation of the film, how we went about making it, who and what was involved and where we see video and film going in the future of ELT.

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