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reading a computer screen and a book
09 May 2005

One of the enormous benefits of the Internet has been the accessibility of loads and loads of English texts for teachers to use with...

01 Nov 2004

According to David Vale and Anne Feunteun in 'Teaching children English: A training course for teachers of English to children', kids...

24 Feb 2004

Flash cards are a simple, versatile, yet often underexploited resource. I would like to offer some reasons for using flash cards and a...

Storytelling - benefits and tips - literature article
08 Jul 2003

We often give stories to our students to read, but how often do we tell them a story? This article looks at the benefits of storytelling...

Interacting with texts - Directed activities related to texts (DARTs) - reading article
27 Feb 2003

Good readers use what they know about language and the world to interact with what they are reading. This helps them create meaning from...

05 Mar 2002

Not all self-access ideas need to cost a fortune. Here are a few ideas for how you might develop resources in your school.

Self-access: A framework for diversity - resources article
05 Mar 2002

What is a self-access centre, why might your students benefit from using one, and how might you go about setting one up in your school...