Managing resources involves selecting, developing and adapting materials and resources for the classroom. It also includes evaluating their effectiveness in supporting learning.

Managing resources involves:
  • Selecting resources with an awareness of:
    • a range of available sources from which to select materials
    • a range of media (e.g. digital, audiovisual, print) relevant to learner needs and context
    • a range of tools which facilitate the collaborative production of classroom materials
    • a range of tools which facilitate learner- generated content
    • clear criteria for the selection of materials and resources based on my learners’ needs and syllabus fit
  • Developing and adapting materials and resources:
    • using a range of authoring tools, where available
    • which fit with my learners’ needs and the syllabus
    • which are professional, attractive and accessible
    • which conform to copyright regulations and acknowledge sources
    • which are culturally appropriate
    • by sharing and collaborating with colleagues
  • Using materials effectively in the classroom with appropriate pedagogical strategies.
  • Making effective use of stationery, equipment and technology to support learning.
  • Developing and maintaining a system for storing and retrieving materials.
  • Articulating the rationale for the resources I use to my colleagues, learners and others.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the materials and resources I use.
  • Reflecting on my approach to developing and managing materials and resources to meet learner outcomes.
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