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In this section, you will find a number of blog posts, which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Managing the lesson'. From primary-aged students to adult learners of English, the blog posts you will find here are practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and management of all kinds of classrooms.

29 Jun 2021

What is rhythm in the Reading journey?  How can it affect readers and their varied pace?

28 May 2021

We can use any familiar objects in an unfamiliar way to make our lesson more attractive and easier to remember.

18 Apr 2021

I have always liked reading... But during the actual lesson? Some teachers consider it a waste of time, mainly because it does not...

24 Mar 2021

A great game for primary learners from Katherine Bilsbourough that's perfect for mixed ability classes, and one where everyone's a...

06 Nov 2020

2020 has changed our lives. Clients and students are in home office. I am in home office. I sit before the computer screen, my flat in...

10 Dec 2019

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to motivate. Yes, that's true. Instead of playing the blame-game and figuring out who is to blame...

16 Sep 2019

I’ve previously provided some ideas on how teachers can create the conditions for self-motivated students.

20 Jan 2019

One of the things I love when I teach is improvising. Don't get me wrong; I always prepare a lesson plan. But most of the times I don't...

07 Jun 2018

A good conversation class is the holy grail for most of us English teachers.

22 May 2018

We give students a lot; are we sure they take it all in?

07 Apr 2018

Here's just a few of the tricks I use to make my classroom a happy, calm and productive space.

23 Aug 2017

I taught an English option course for several years.

26 Jan 2017

Challenging circumstances face every teacher daily.

09 Dec 2016

Classroom Management is one of those tricky terms as it means many different things to many people.

21 Nov 2016

Some say that the most effective classroom management strategy is having engaging lessons.

19 Oct 2016

PPP, TTT, TBL, Dogme - do we really follow these structures, methodologies or approaches or do our lessons grow organically from a loose...

29 Aug 2016

A post about a challenging class of young learners and advice for teachers with problems.

04 Jun 2016

Conducting a lesson with no resources at hand

16 Sep 2015

This blog post is about why it’s important to think of the interaction patterns of our learners and suggests six stress-free ways of...

31 Jul 2015

Activities that require no preparation are an essential element of a teacher’s toolkit.

24 Jul 2015

When you've been asked to cover a lesson at short notice, where can you look?

24 Jul 2015

In my experience there are two kinds of ‘covering’ for another teacher.

28 Jun 2015

Do you use realia in your classroom? What are benefits of using realia?

20 Aug 2014

Every year, new young teachers come to schools around the globe, and we experienced professionals can share our wisdom with them.

17 Apr 2014

On April 13, “September 1” publishing house held The EL Teachers’ Day at Moscow Pedagogical University.