Secondary Success Stories: Digital natives in low-resource classrooms

In this video, Sagun, from Nepal, talks about the challenge of teaching large classes of digital natives in low-resource classrooms.

Recognizing the advantages that media technology could bring to secondary teaching and learning, Sagun requested and was provided with a multimedia projector for his classroom.

The addition of this one resource has transformed teaching and learning in his classroom. He now manages the demands of a large syllabus by assigning different content to different groups who then prepare and present this to the class. Within each group roles are created which correspond to different abilities and preferences – some design slides, some gather content and some present.

Encouraged by the impact of this technological addition, Sagun has now started experimenting with virtual classrooms using, posting questions which students can discuss and respond to, to promote further engagement and learning outside the classroom.

Reflection and discussion

One of the purposes of these resources is to help you with your own teacher development in related contexts. The questions in task 1 and task 2 are designed for you to think about and discuss with colleagues, either informally or as part of your formal professional development.

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