Do you have problems drawing people and actions on the board for your students? In this video, Paul Millard from British Council Vietnam gives us some great drawing tips and shows us how to do this more effectively.

Watch the video and become an expert in minutes!


Submitted by Mounira-Ayadi on Sat, 12/23/2023 - 10:37

To teach young learners, drawing is an essential teaching aid. I am not good at drawing actions and this video is very inspiring. I find the drawing technique used by Mr Millard easy to learn and with more practice we can master it.

Submitted by Zubaida Muhamm… on Sat, 10/28/2023 - 16:54

Mr. Miller have done this expertly, i would like to watch it several times to learn and become conversant with it so that i work with it in my class though with little innovation. i really enjoyed this class.

Submitted by Sudhakar Tat on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 03:01

Drawing is great teaching aid for teachers.But most of the teachers can't use this. For many days I wish to learn this skill.In this video Mr Paul Millard taught it exallently.Thank you sir.

Hello Sorry to hear you are having problems. If you double click on the video it should play. If that doesn't work, can you try using a different browser (Chrome, Firefox). You also need to make sure that Flash is working on your computer. Let me know if you still have problems, Thanks Cath TE Team

Submitted by eunis_0411 on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 07:19

may i know how and where to download the video?

Submitted by Cath McLellan on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 08:11

In reply to by eunis_0411

Hello Our videos are not available for downloading, but if you click on the video screen above you can watch the video from the website. Let us know if you have any problems. Thanks, Cath

Submitted by Tom on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 10:43

Drawing is something all teachers should learn how to do, especially (but not only) if they teach young learners. Can I recommend Andrew Wright's 1000+ Pictures for Teachers to Copy? Apart from the wonderful pictures, he makes an important point: we don't actually need to be able to draw -- all we need to do is learn how to copy basic shapes. It's not really drawing at all, just "adequate representation" that we need to aim for.

Submitted by fralen on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 15:12

Great inspiring video. Thank you! I need some practice now.

Submitted by Marta Fernandes on Thu, 03/19/2015 - 10:52

Drawing is very important especially at very young ages, but I must confess I'm not very good at it. However this video is very clear and it gives us really simple tips and ideas on how to do it more effectively. And it really worked with me, while I was watching it, I was also drawing and taking notes! Thanks a lot!

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