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A teacher in Egypt sits on the desk with her students in the classroom

Taboo language

In language learning, taboo language or subjects are areas that are regarded as prohibited by the culture of the learners or the teacher, therefore inappropriate for the classroom.

Two male students talking together

Tag questions

Tag questions are short questions which speakers use at the end of a statement.

Young learners working together with crafts in class

Task-based syllabus

A task-based syllabus is based on task-based learning, an approach where learners carry out tasks such as solving a problem or planning an activity.

Students in South Korea working together at a table

TBL - Task-based Learning

Task-based learning is an approach to language learning where learners are given interactive tasks to complete.

Teacher sitting in classroom

Teacher centred

A teacher-centred approach is one where activity in the class is centred on the teacher.

Teacher in Singapore making notes

Teacher diary

A teacher diary is a diary where a teacher records what happens in their classes and their thoughts about it.

Teacher in Bahrain sitting next to students talking to them

Teacher role

Teacher role refers to the different functions a teacher can have in a class.

A teacher in Italy talking to her students in class

Teacher talking time

Teacher talking time (TTT) is the time that teachers spend talking in class, rather than learners.

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