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Using the internet with younger learners

When I first started teaching, the schools I worked in had ‘a’ computer that a few classes shared. Here are a few tips for activities using computers with learners.

Using web resources to create tasks with real outcomes

I consider the greatest problem facing me as a language teacher is knowing how to motivate my students: how to get them past the hurdle of seeing learning English as just another academic subject, to regarding it as developing a communication tool that will be useful for them throughout their lives.

On being resourceful... - speaking article - guest writers

On being resourceful...

This is the first of two articles by Gavin Dudeney for TeachingEnglish, during his month on the site as Guest Writer.

Google and the lexical approach - resources article

Google and the lexical approach

The web is a limitless source of linguistic examples for your students. Google (and other search engines) can be used to organise and select web-based text in a way that is pedagogically useful.

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