Find a range of publications and research, as well as engaging and informative webinar and conference recordings from ELT experts around the world, that are relevant to the professional practice 'Understanding educational policies and practices'.
26 September, 2011
Published in 1981, this slim volume is concerned with helping teachers to develop the commitment to and capacity for professional development.
26 September, 2011
This publication, from 1978, provides a useful introduction to pioneer approaches to self-directed learning and individualisation in ELT at the time.
25 September, 2011
Date: 15 December 2011Theme: In this session we will explore what works in CLIL. We will stress the final L in CLIL. Learning will be the focus of the session. In addition, we will unpick what is...
24 September, 2011
Date: 14 February 2012Theme: What is a challenging learner? Why do some learners challenge us more than others? How can we understand challenging behaviour in a different way so that we can teach...
23 August, 2011
Teachers often disagree on whether or not to use the phonemic chart in their lessons. Watch Peter and Clare argue for and against, then why not tell us what you think.
1 August, 2011
This report presents the findings of an independent three-year investigation into the Ministry of Education/British Council Bilingual Schools project in Spain.
28 June, 2011
Do you have days when your learners seem tired or lacking in energy? How do you re-energise them?
15 June, 2011
Reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do it, and thinking about if it works - a process of self-observation and self-evaluation.
14 June, 2011
What advantages can the English language bring to individuals and societies? The British Council commissioned the research organisation Euromonitor International to investigate and report on this...
17 May, 2011
Whatever type of text you ask your students to produce, peer correction can be a very useful part of the process.
16 May, 2011
This publication consists of papers written by Brazilian ELT teachers and teacher educators between 2001 and 2010 as part of their Masters studies in the UK, as beneficiaries of the British Council...
27 April, 2011
The British Council and IATEFL are pleased to launch a new handbook for teachers' associations, called Running an Association for Language Teachers.
20 April, 2011
Philida Schellekens presents findings from the Cambridge ESOL sponsored research she carried out into first and second language acquisition with a specific focus on reading. 2011.
15 April, 2011
Global demand for English is continuing to grow. Governments increasingly recognise the importance of English to their economies and societies, and individuals see English as a tool that can help...
21 March, 2011
Date: 21 February 2012Theme: Most people think of a language as having four main skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Good performance in any of these skills, however is dependent on...
15 March, 2011
Date: 15 March 2012Theme: Lexical Chunking is a way of thinking about language which puts lexis in the centre of our attention rather than grammar. New ways of collecting data such as computer...
23 January, 2011
This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 6th International Language & Development Conference, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in October 2003.
23 January, 2011
This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 7th International Language and Development Conference, held in Addis Ababa, in October 2005.
7 December, 2010
"Nice board work." This was a killer phrase back in the days before the invention of the interactive whiteboard. It normally sat, all alone, in the left hand column of a page divided by a vertical...
15 November, 2010
What kind of warmers do you use with your students?
26 August, 2010
Do you think about colours, fonts and grouping when you use a board or prepare a presentation?
29 June, 2010
Mario Rinvolucri explains what 'mutual supervision' is and how it can help teachers to avoid suffering from stress and burn-out. London, 2009.
18 June, 2010
The latest in our series of video tips is about being a teacher. What's important to you as a teacher? How do your students see you?
11 June, 2010
In this fascinating and very readable paper on English and development, Hywel Coleman looks at questions such as the role of English in employability, in international mobility, in accessing...
1 June, 2010
English Next India was commissioned by the British Council and is the second publication in the English Next series.
5 May, 2010
How do you teach language to teenagers? There are lots of different ways - here are some suggestions from us.
27 January, 2010
All academic institutions have to demonstrate their commitment to providing effective teaching. Peer observation has an important part to play in this process.
8 January, 2010
This study, by Dr Simon Borg of the University of Leeds, assesses the impact that studying English has on students’ lives.