Find a range of publications and research, as well as engaging and informative webinar and conference recordings from ELT experts around the world, that are relevant to the professional practice 'Understanding educational policies and practices'.
11 June, 2013
Edited by Dr Philip Powell-DaviesIf you are interested in  how to effectively evaluate or assess English language learning, this collection of papers – the proceedings from the British Council East...
11 June, 2013
This Access English Symposium saw the launch of British Council’s English Bilingual Education (EBE) project in East Asia.
classroom management teaching tip
29 April, 2013
For most teachers of young learners, classroom management is a big issue. Our latest teaching tip with David Rixon looks more closely at this topic and offers practical advice on how best to manage...
25 April, 2013
Florentina Taylor, Vera Busse, Lubina Gagova, Emma Marsden and Barbara RooskenThis paper explores  the relationship between identity perceptions, declared learner achievement and teacher perceptions. 
18 April, 2013
Edited by Susan SheehanThe British Council works closely with universities and other research institutions to fund and publish ELT research. 
9 March, 2013
This is a collection of papers written by both UK and Arabic academics on the theme of how the growing knowledge and use of English is affecting the region.
7 March, 2013
This is a recording of Carol Read's live talk in Poland from February 2012.
28 February, 2013
Edited by Hamish McIlwraithThis collection of papers is the product of a major, high level conference on language-in-education policy which was convened by the British Council and took place in Juba...
22 February, 2013
Graham Hall and Guy CookIn this research paper Graham Hall and Guy Cook explore teacher attitudes to own-language use in the classroom. They conducted a global survey and interviews with practising...
13 February, 2013
Our latest tip looks at several of the important issues surrounding testing and assessment. Listen to Clare and Alister discuss their ideas and opinions about how best to assess learners of English....
31 January, 2013
Hywel Coleman and Tony Capstick | 2012This report contains recommendations regarding the development of policy for language in education in Pakistan. 
16 January, 2013
Date: 27 February 2013Theme: Story writing gives children the opportunity to be creative and enthusiastic about using English. Sharing the stories with their peers can also bring a strong sense of...
2 January, 2013
Date: 16th January 2013Theme: In our January webinar, Willy Cardoso looked at several aspects of classroom-based teacher development:Approaches to teacher development that start from inside the...
23 November, 2012
Edited by Ben Gray & Mark KrzanowskiTime for Change: Developing English Language Teaching (ELT) at Tertiary Level in Sudan is an edited collection of the papers presented at the ELT Conference...
12 September, 2012
Date: 18th October 2012 Theme: Current coursebooks have moved away from the 'describe your house/last holiday format of earlier materials as content/culture-based learning and model texts take...
4 September, 2012
Michael Carrier talks about the work of TIRF, The International Research Foundation for English Language Education. June 2012, London.
3 September, 2012
Our latest tip looks at ‘Critical thinking’. Watch Alister using the map of the world with his young learner class to encourage greater critical thinking in language learning.
1 September, 2012
Date: 29th November 2012Watch a recording of the webinar: click on the link below to watch a recording of Chia's webinar As we walk down the...
4 August, 2012
Word for Word examines the social, economic and political impact of Spanish and English in the world today. 
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you have to draw cats, dogs or birds on the board? 
17 July, 2012
Do you teach young learners? Do you often have to draw animals on the board? In this video, Paul Millard from the British Council in Vietnam provides drawing tips to help you improve your artistic...
5 July, 2012
Jeannette Littlemore, Fiona MacArthur, Alan Cienki and Joseph HollowayIn recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of international students studying at British universities.   
3 July, 2012
A custom report compiled by Euromonitor International for the British CouncilThe British Council commissioned Euromonitor International to best map quantitative evidence of English language against...
26 June, 2012
Date: 28th June 2012Theme: Every teacher - and every learner - can probably recognise a great lesson when they experience one, but what exactly are the qualities that, when added up, make an...
9 May, 2012
Simon Borg, School of Education, University of Leed and Saleh Al-Busaidi, The Language Centre, Sultan Qaboos UniversityLearner autonomy has been the subject of many studies but there have been fewer...
5 May, 2012
This collection of 20 essays is the first of a number of initiatives under the British Council Language Rich Europe project, a two and a half year initiative to explore language policy and practice,...
19 April, 2012
There is only limited evidence showing a relationship between the English language and development.
3 April, 2012
Helen EmeryThis research paper reports on a global study of primary English teachers’ qualifications, training, teaching experience and career development.