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26 February, 2018
I started working as a teacher of English and drama at a primary school in Hamburg last September, after working in the private sector for 15 years.
23 February, 2018
This research study used eyetracking methods to investigate how adults and young learners process readings which combine text, audio and pictures.
13 February, 2018
In most groups of learners there will be some obvious differences that everyone can see (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity).
6 February, 2018
The University of Warwick and IATEFL Research SIG jointly hosted a panel discussion on Thursday 8 February on the topic of ‘Video in English language teacher education’.
2 February, 2018
Storytelling has become the new buzz in ELT, which is logical when you consider that it’s one of the few wholly authentic activities that we do in the classroom.
16 January, 2018
This review assesses an international body of educational literature on teacher evaluation and draws on this to make recommendations for the evaluation of teachers in English language teaching.
22 November, 2017
This paper aims to open up discussions on the role of English in multilingual education and be of practical help to policy makers, advisers, project managers, and English language teachers.
15 November, 2017
This volume takes stock of contexts around the globe in which English is being used and taught as a means of alleviating conflict and promoting security, stability and peace.
15 November, 2017
This book describes how the British Council has been working closely with the Venezuelan Education Ministry to strengthen the teaching of English in state schools.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an overview of issues relating to assessing level. We explore why this issue might be challenging and offer a practical approach to devising assessments at a...
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an overview of the issues of assessing English as a foreign language for young learners.
12 October, 2017
This free training module helps develop knowledge of the principles of Assessment for Learning and also provides an overview of practical strategies which can be used in language learning classrooms.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to the topic of language testing and assessment (LTA) and why it is important for both teachers and students.
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to key resources for language testing and assessment .
6 October, 2017
This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the range and type of Master’s courses in English language teaching (ELT) currently offered in the UK.
6 October, 2017
This publication reports on the role and status of English in higher education institutions across Ukraine.
31 August, 2017
“How did you do that?” This is a question I have been asked a few times in my career when using an element of technology in my lessons.
3 August, 2017
This handbook offers a set of activities that teachers have tried out in their Indian school classrooms with children of 8 to 14 years of age.
23 June, 2017
This publication provides innovative ideas for teaching creatively while raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
23 June, 2017
This handbook provides practical advice and strategies for planning, managing and evaluating effective large-scale teacher education programmes.
15 March, 2017
In this article, Simon Borg and Jon Parnham write about the benefits of mentoring schemes in the context of a large-scale teacher development project in India.
7 March, 2017
In this talk, Scott Thornbury evaluates solutions that technology offers.
7 March, 2017
In this talk, Scott Thornbury looks at some of the basic principles of learning and education.
27 February, 2017
This article by David Petrie looks at three simple steps involved in action research.
22 February, 2017
Multilingualisms and Development, edited by Hywel Coleman, is the latest in the proceedings of the ongoing Language & Development Conference series.
10 February, 2017
Much has been written about Teacher Action Research.  
8 February, 2017
Students coming to the UK frequently join their chosen university via a pre-sessional English language course, but organisers of such courses often struggle to find staff on campus in the summer...