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In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews, as well as video tips which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Assessing learning'. From advice on how to teach primary-aged students to supporting adult learners in the EFL classroom, the content you will find here is practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and planning for all kinds of learners.

14 October, 2020
Watch a recording of this webinar with Susan Sheehan presenting materials from an online toolkit on assessment.
23 July, 2020
Download the resources guidance to help you develop your skills in the professional practice 'Assessing learning'.
4 May, 2020
Find guidance on different aspects of assessing learners in an online context.
4 May, 2020
Find guidance on criteria for assessing learners in an online context.
19 October, 2019
In this engaging, concise seminar, Sam McCarter outlines the key characteristics of the IELTS exam and the common...
19 October, 2019
Sam McCarter's seminar looks at ways to effectively learn vocabulary for the listening module in the IELTS examination.
19 October, 2019
To stick to the IELTS coursebook can become boring and repetitive for learners. One way to spice up your lessons and to...
19 October, 2019
Sam McCarter provides an excellent overview of the common features of texts written in English for the IELTS exam in...
17 October, 2019
This self-study guide for teachers and teacher educators looks at assessing learning.
13 July, 2019
This project substantiated the importance of eliciting learner voices and contextualising the CEFR in local contexts.
6 June, 2019
This free training module provides an overview of language teacher cognition and its relationship to assessment. We...
4 February, 2019
This research project investigated teacher cognitions and assessment.
16 May, 2018
Develop effective feedback strategies for students' writing with our self-access training or downloadable resources for...
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an overview of the issues of assessing English as a foreign language for young...
12 October, 2017
This free training module helps develop knowledge of the principles of Assessment for Learning and also provides an...
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to the topic of language testing and assessment (LTA) and why it is...
12 October, 2017
This free training module provides an introduction to key resources for language testing and assessment .
1 February, 2017
This paper explores teachers’ attitudes, practices and needs relating to assessment.
9 November, 2016
Here are some AfL activities to try with your learners.
26 July, 2016
This talk by Vanita and Mamta looks at effective strategies for assessing spoken skills.
26 July, 2016
In this talk, Clare discusses effective strategies for giving students feedback on their writing.
21 April, 2016
This paper explores current profile of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in China.
23 March, 2015
Watch a recording of this webinar looking at the theme of assessment.
11 November, 2013
This paper investigates readers’ mental processes when taking reading tests. 
13 June, 2013
This publication offers a different approach to the uses of learning technologies in the language classroom. 
11 June, 2013
This publication covers an important theme of evaluation and assessment of English language learning.
9 April, 2013
Blended learning is an area of ELT that continues to be of interest to practitioners in the field. 
28 February, 2013
This is a collection of innovative, practical experiences and ideas from differing contexts across the world. 
13 February, 2013
Our latest tip looks at several of the important issues surrounding testing and assessment. Listen to Clare and Alister...
23 November, 2012
The papers focus on the key issues regarding ELT – curriculum reform, language testing, new technologies.