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In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher educator in the professional practice 'Monitoring teacher potential and performance'. All of the content you will find here is from across the TeachingEnglish website and provides insight and ideas to support your work in a variety of aspects related to teacher education. 

9 July, 2021
This report explores assessment practices on an in-service teacher educator certified training course.
3 March, 2021
Download this publication looking at language, teaching and learning in Punjab schools.
16 November, 2019
This webinar recording discusses the challenges face by those involved in observation and feedback.
14 November, 2019
‘Observation plays a fundamental role in the improvement of teaching and learning. It is the most exciting and dynamic...
14 November, 2019
‘One serious shortcoming of teacher evaluation reforms is that they have often focussed on designing instruments for...
23 October, 2018
This webinar is for experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language who are interested in becoming teachers of...
23 October, 2018
In this webinar Silvana Richardson shows strategies and simple digital recording tools which can be used to ensure that...
23 October, 2018
Whether you are a teacher, a teacher trainer or an ELT manager, this highly relevant session provides a summary of both...
23 October, 2018
Download two useful guides on organising observations and watch three short videos by managers from three different ...
23 October, 2018
What is CPD? How can we create a culture of development in your school – this talk will look at how to establish a...
23 October, 2018
This talk looks at ways of building a system of observations that actively contributes to the development of your...
23 October, 2018
In this webinar, Loraine Kennedy, ELT Consultant, discusses the topic of 'Developing as a manager'. 
22 October, 2018
This guide provides valuable information and suggestions on how to make formal observations effective and useful.
22 October, 2018
This webinar looks into the background of burnout and shares some teachers’ ideas about how stay away from it.
22 October, 2018
In this session Fiona Dunlop explores ways of identifying what motivates the teachers you manage and how to encourage...
22 October, 2018
Watch a recording of this webinar looking at what trainers can do to make sure teacher development, whether face-to-...
22 October, 2018
This talk explores the need to move on from ineffective one-size-fits-all models of in-service teacher training,...
8 May, 2018
Watch the recording of this webinar with Jo Gakonga (Warwick University /
16 January, 2018
This review assesses an international body of educational literature on teacher evaluation.
25 July, 2016
In this talk, Claire and Suzanne look at the affordances of video in peer observation.
25 February, 2016
This book consists of two pieces of preliminary research into ELT in Egypt.
30 March, 2015
How can effective English teaching be implemented to reach the emerging middle classes?
Publications:  	English as a medium of instruction – a growing global phenomenon
15 January, 2015
The report is based on a worldwide survey conducted with British Council across 55 countries.
27 June, 2013
This study covers the theme of Assessing and Evaluating English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning. 
7 December, 2010
"Nice board work." This was a killer phrase back in the days before the invention of the interactive whiteboard. It...
8 January, 2010
This study assesses the impact that studying English has on students’ lives.