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In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher educator in the professional practice 'Understanding how teachers learn'. All of the content you will find here is from across the TeachingEnglish website and provides insight and ideas to support your work in a variety of aspects related to teacher education.

16 October, 2021
This report documents the learning from the PRELIM project.
15 April, 2021
This paper focuses on telecollaborative links between universities in the Global North and the Global South.
26 November, 2020
Watch a recording of our webinar from 9 December 2020 about teacher wellbeing and resilience.
26 November, 2020
This self-study guide for teachers and teacher educators looks at promoting 21st century skills.
13 November, 2020
This paper reports on a how English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is taught in universities in Bangladesh, Nepal,...
6 November, 2020
This report examines use of a model of continuing professional development (CPD) called Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs).
4 October, 2020
Watch a recording of Sarah Mercer's session about teacher wellbeing at the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day...
4 October, 2020
Watch a recording of this session from the IATEFL British Council World Teachers' Day web conference 2020 about...
25 September, 2020
This published paper focuses on the impact of video on reflection.
25 May, 2020
Grow your skills as a teacher and learn more about professional development for teachers. 
21 May, 2020
A collection of self-access guides to help teachers plan and shape their professional development.
10 February, 2020
This plenary talk discusses current attitudes towards 'non-native' teachers and the impact of native-speaker bias.
29 January, 2020
This book presents nine stories of exploratory action research by teachers in Mexico.
23 January, 2020
This report investigates the possible roles social media might play in teacher education in challenging contexts.
22 January, 2020
This published paper focuses on the mentoring role within a teacher development initiative in Thailand.
7 November, 2019
This paper reports research investigating the experiences of teacher learners carrying out reflective writing.
23 October, 2019
Dr Martin Lamb discusses the features of inspiring teaching and presents results from a research project funded by the...
23 October, 2019
Are you challenging your students enough to learn English? How do you know if tangible learning is taking place in your...
27 June, 2019
This intervention project was designed to help University teachers deliver their teaching via English Medium.
4 February, 2019
This research project investigated teacher cognitions and assessment.
23 October, 2018
Watch edited highlights of the global British Council publication launch of 'Innovations in Continuing Professional...
23 October, 2018
In this extract Marisa Constantinides presents activities to develop teachers' creative thinking skills.
23 October, 2018
Alison Barrett MBE explores the concept of continuing professional development frameworks and suggests practical ways...
23 October, 2018
All teachers want their students to be successful but are we including thinking skills, that will become life skills,...
23 October, 2018
The 'English My Way' programme provides meaningful professional development to ESOL teachers with little previous...
23 October, 2018
Watch the recording of a webinar held on World Refugee Day (20 June) describing how the British Council's Certificate...
23 October, 2018
What is CPD? How can we create a culture of development in your school – this talk will look at how to establish a...
23 October, 2018
This workshop addresses the gulf between teaching practice as part of a pre-service course and the reality of teaching...
23 October, 2018
This webinar outlines the background and aims of the European Profiling Grid (EPG) and looks at how practising teachers...
22 October, 2018
This is the first in a series of articles which presents extracts from the British Council publication, ‘Innovations in...