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The brave new world of teachers in 2020

Every teacher takes on multiple roles, specialist, advisor, friend, facilitator and above all a teacher is in loco parentis. This continues in the virtual world too. But the biggest question is – who will guide us in these difficult times? I think the teaching community – all of us teachers will have to help and guide each other.

Milica Vukadin - Being a Mentor and a Mentee - Developing Together

Mentoring is something that is not so common in most schools in our country, especially among young educators. The mentors we get are usually the formal ones - professors who are mentors on our thesis or professional development instructors. But what happens when two young teachers enter the mentorship circle? 

Feedback: Why we need to think carefully about this process

‘Evaluation alone will not improve practice. Productive feedback must be accompanied by opportunities to learn. Evaluations should trigger continuous goal-setting and […] can be used to stimulate meaningful professional learning as teachers set goals and pursue them with the assistance of administrators and colleagues’. Darling-Hammond, 99:2013)

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