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In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher educator in the professional practice 'Researching and contributing to the profession'. All of the content you will find here is from across the TeachingEnglish website and provides insight and ideas to support your work in a variety of aspects related to teacher education. 

1 December, 2014
This publication draws together papers presented at the 10th International Language and Development Conference.
29 September, 2014
Directory of UK ELT Research 2011-12 contains a total of 721 entries from 60 different institutions.
15 September, 2014
This book from ESOL Nexus is about the role of language in the integration of migrants. 
The Language Rich Europe logo
13 June, 2014
This report lists recommendations that came out of the Language Rich Europe project.
The Language Rich Europe logo
13 June, 2014
This publication calls for the new policies to promote and support multilingualism.
16 January, 2014
This publication examines the language situations in eight West African nations.
14 August, 2013
This global survey provides an overview of contexts in the area of teaching English to primary school children.
4 July, 2013
In this collection of case studies you will find a range of CPD practices in different Indian settings.
27 June, 2013
The second Primary Innovations Research Seminar in Bangkok, March 2008.
27 June, 2013
This is a collection from the Primary Innovations Regional Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam, March 2007. 
11 June, 2013
This is a collection of papers from the Access English Symposium.
18 April, 2013
The British Council works closely with universities and other research institutions to fund and publish ELT research. 
9 April, 2013
Blended learning is an area of ELT that continues to be of interest to practitioners in the field. 
9 March, 2013
How the growing knowledge and use of English is affecting the MENA region.
28 February, 2013
This is a collection from the language-in-education policy conference which took place in Juba, South Sudan, in 2012. 
31 January, 2013
This report contains recommendations on the development of policy for language in education in Pakistan. 
23 November, 2012
The papers focus on the key issues regarding ELT – curriculum reform, language testing, new technologies.
4 September, 2012
Michael Carrier talks about the work of TIRF, The International Research Foundation for English Language Education....
3 July, 2012
How important is English language to individuals and at the country level?
5 May, 2012
An initiative to explore language policy and practice, facilitate knowledge sharing, and promote multilingualism.
3 March, 2012
English Bilingual Education is rapidly changing in variety of social and educational contexts.   
3 March, 2012
This report is a direct result of the first English Bilingual Education symposium held in Jakarta in June 2009.  
20 December, 2011
The ELLiE study provides an insight into the policy for early foreign language learning programmes in Europe.
1 August, 2011
This study presents the findings of a three-year investigation into the Bilingual Schools project in Spain.
20 April, 2011
Philida Schellekens presents findings from the Cambridge ESOL sponsored research she carried out into first and second...
15 April, 2011
Global demand for English is continuing to grow. 
23 January, 2011
This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 6th International Language & Development Conference.
23 January, 2011
This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 7th International Language and Development Conference.
11 June, 2010
In this fascinating and very readable paper on English and development.
1 June, 2010
English Next India was commissioned by the British Council and is the second publication in the English Next series.