What is critical thinking and how can we integrate it into English language teaching?

In episode 7 Chris and We'am are talking to Paul Dummett and Graham Crookes about critical thinking. Together they explore what critical thinking is and how we can integrate it into our lessons.

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Series 3, episode 7: What is critical thinking and how can we integrate it into English language teaching?

This week, Chris and We'am discuss critical thinking – what does it mean, why is it important and what role does it have to play in English language teaching? Chris and We’am start by talking about critical thinking as a mindset rather than as a skill separate to other learning. First up, they talk to Paul Dummett, who helps define what we mean by critical thinking before going on to discuss its practical role in ELT. In our second interview, Chris and We’am talk to Graham Crookes. They discuss how small changes can be made within the language classroom to make room for critical thinking. We also link back to a previous episode where Chris and Rose Aylett look at the role of micro-resistances in a classroom setting.

Show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of this page.

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