TeachingEnglish podcast: How can we teach vocabulary and grammar more communicatively?

In this episode, We'am and Chris are asking special guests Jo Cummins and Luis Carabantes about how to teach vocabulary and grammar communicatively.

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Series 3, episode 2: How can we teach vocabulary and grammar more communicatively? 

It's episode 2 of our new series, and this week we are discussing how to teach vocabulary and grammar more communicatively. We talk to Jo Cummins, freelance ELT teacher, trainer and materials writer. Jo shares some ideas for communicative activities in the classroom that can help students move from passive grammar and vocabulary knowledge to active use of language for communication. We also look at how classrooms can become a 'safe space' for students to make errors, so that they can become more confident speakers outside the classroom. Later, we are joined by Luis Carabantes from Queen Mary University of London, who talks to us about communicative language teaching (CLT). We also discuss the importance of providing learners with authentic language and tasks, and of questioning the reasons for teaching what we teach. 

Show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of this page.

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Hi Pete

This is one episode in our current podcast series. Each episode deals with a different current issue in ELT. You can check out all our previous episodes here: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/professional-development/podcast/teaching-english

If you are interested in communicative teaching, you might find these resources useful:



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Submitted by sandymillin on Mon, 07/01/2024 - 09:35

I tried to click on links in the show notes, but none of them seem to be working in the online or downloaded versions. Please could you update the handout? There are lots of interesting things there which I'd like to follow up on!

Hi Sandy

Thanks very much for flagging this up -  we have now updated the document and all the links should be working. We're glad you found the episode interesting!

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