TeachingEnglish podcast: Do I need to sound like a 'native speaker'?

In this episode, We'am and Chris are discussing what we mean by 'native speaker', and if we really need to sound like one when we teach and speak English.

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Series 3, episode 3: Do I need to sound like a 'native speaker'?

Welcome to episode 3 of Series 3 of our podcast. In this episode, we ask the question: do I need to sound like a 'native speaker'? After discussing what we mean by native and non-native speakers of English, we have a conversation with Professor Jenny Jenkins, emeritus professor of Global Englishes. Jenny argues that 'native English' is a loaded and problematic term and she draws on her experience of ELF  English as a lingua franca  to provide a more useful understanding of English proficiency. Later in the episode, we hear from some of our TeachingEnglish Facebook community members, who give their opinions on the topic. Thanks to Maria Glazunova, Fajarudin Akbar and Cristiana Osan for their contributions. Finally, we speak with Ana Jović, English language teacher and consultant, about native speakerism and its impact on language learning and teaching. Ana highlights the need for educating parents, students and teachers about the myths surrounding English speakers in ELT.

Show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of this page.

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