Teaching English podcast: How can peer-led training and mentoring support teachers' development?

Download the seventh episode, activity booklet, show notes and transcript from series 2 of our podcast 'British Council Teaching English'.

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British Council: TeachingEnglish - series 2 overview

In our second series of this ten-part podcast series from the British Council, we try and provide solutions to some of the key questions being asked by English teachers around the world. Each episode explores a specific topic through interviews, a focus on recent developments and reports on British Council initiatives in English language teaching.

For each episode, an activity booklet, practical show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Episode 7: How can peer-led training and mentoring support teachers' development?

Teacher professional development is a crucial part of being a good teacher. However, we often think that ‘good training’ can only be obtained from ‘expert trainers’ at large conferences or through online workshops. And whilst these can definitely be hugely beneficial, many teachers forget that there is so much that they can learn from their own colleagues in their own contexts. In our interview, we hear from the EVE programme, a ground-breaking initiative which promotes gender equity in ELT conferences. You can contact EVE at theevecalendar@gmail.com.

After this, we journey to Romania, to hear from a very active group based in the town of Sibiu who promote peer-led teacher development workshops.

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  • You can download a transcript of the episode from the podcast homepage. To help you and your learners with preparation and language analysis, all words at the B2, C1 and C2 CEFR level have been highlighted.
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  • Executive producer: Kris Dyer 
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