How can we use the creative arts to teach English?

In episode 9 of the TeachingEnglish podcast, Chris and We'am are joined by Chrysa Papalazarou and Dr Sirhajwan Idek to explore how to use the creative arts to teach English.

Group of ethnically diverse young learners doing a huge hand painting in a classroom

Series 3, episode 9: How can we use the creative arts to teach English?

In this episode, Chris and We'am talk about how art in the classroom can help create a positive atmosphere for learning. First they talk to Chrysa Papalazarou. She talks about how the use of visual art can capture the attention of learners and help develop emotional intelligence. Next, Dr Sirhajwan Idek talks about the Dau Dau project in Borneo. This project uses indigenous art to bridge the gap between local culture and language and English.

Show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of this page.

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