In episode 8 of the TeachingEnglish podcast, Chris and We'am are joined by Liam Printer and Azadeh Moladoost to discuss motivation for learners and teachers.

Female teacher and her young students walking happily down a corridor in a school in India

Series 3, episode 8: How can we motivate our students?

In this episode, we ask the question: How can we motivate my students? Chris and We'am discuss what motivation in English teaching means to them, and the importance of motivation for learners. First they talk to Liam Printer, an expert in motivation in language teaching. He explains the different types of motivation and how we can help learners to really enjoy learning. Next they talk to Azadeh Moladoost, a PhD researcher on teacher motivation. She gives some tips on how teachers can stay motivated, even when they have restrictions on what they can do in the classroom.

Show notes and transcripts in English and Arabic are available to download at the bottom of this page.


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