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Regularly updated stories from the world of English language teaching. Find out about upcoming conferences, calls for papers, latest publications and much more.

30 Apr 2019

Life coaching, well-being, training and resources are all part of Rachael Roberts' new website Life-resourceful.

29 Apr 2019

Our featured blog of the month award for March 2019 goes to Rajesh Kouluri and his post Language Games for Teaching and Practicing...

18 Mar 2019

Our featured blog of the month award for February 2019 goes to ELT-Connect and their post 7 Fun Tasks for Classroom Debates.

18 Feb 2019

Our featured blog of the month award for January 2019 goes to Breakout English and their post How to teach Cambridge exam classes.

22 Jan 2019

AQUEDUTO, an organisation promoting quality assurance for online training, has commissioned an informative review of the literature in...

10 Dec 2018

Our featured blog of the month award for November 2018 goes to ELT-Cation and their post One sentence games.

03 May 2018

IATEFL Research SIG has published an open access book entitled ELT Research in Action: Bridging the Gap between Research and Classroom...

23 Mar 2018

EVE: Equal Voices in ELT was created at the beginning of February, 2018. Its aim is to recognise both gender and highly proficient...

24 Feb 2018

Recent research into English as a medium of instruction, involving an Open University team, Education Development Trust and the British...

23 Feb 2018

Are teachers able to assess themselves accurately? Do they have the right assessment tools to do so? This research paper investigates...

06 Feb 2018

The University of Warwick and IATEFL Research SIG jointly hosted a panel discussion on Thursday 8 February on the topic of ‘Video in...

12 Dec 2017

British Council Armenia from 10 to 12 November, 2017 held its 5th “Teacher Development with British Council” event by hosting Jeremy...

07 Mar 2017

In November 2016, British Council Armenia hosted their fourth teacher development event with Scott Thornbury as a guest speaker.

08 Feb 2017

Watch recordings from talks at the TESOL Summit 2017 on the future of the profession.

06 Sep 2016

The ELT Council, Malta has published a free downloadable book, ‘Creativity in English Language Teaching’, edited by Daniel Xerri and...

28 Jul 2016

TrashedWorld is a global schools' platform for curriculum exchange work on the topic of waste with the dual aims of developing awareness...

14 Mar 2016

The Hands Up Project, started by Nick Bilbrough, teaches English through online storytelling and other remote learning activities. The...

19 Oct 2015

See upcoming webinars provided by Oxford University Press.

04 Oct 2015

World Teachers' Day is on October 5th. To celebrate the event, we've gathered a number of useful resources from across the site into one...

15 Sep 2015

Teachers Research! is a book for the field of English language teacher-research, containing stories arising from poster presentations at...

23 Jun 2015
On Wednesday 24 June we have the livestreamed launch of our brand new publication ‘Creativity in the English language classroom’. Here we...
17 Jun 2015

This book contains chapters written by teacher-researchers working at universities across Turkey and aims to share research relating to...

22 Jan 2015

Set up in 2013, The Fair List, is an annual award. It celebrates excellence in gender balance of plenary speakers, presenters or speaker...

24 Oct 2014

Download a series of six Top Tips posters designed by Master Trainers based in India.

23 Sep 2014

An important aspect of teaching is knowing how and when to praise learners for their behaviour and work. Using praise correctly provides...

27 Jan 2014

Over at 'The Guardian', Brian Lucy provides some excellent tips on how to organise an academic conference.

07 Mar 2012

This innovative project will enable teachers to assess themselves and gain an overview of their competences and an indication of their...

10 Aug 2009

Textbooks have not gone the way of the scroll yet, but many educators say that it will not be long before they are replaced by digital...