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29 May 2012

Hilary Nesi discusses the written genres university students are required to produce in different disciplines and at different levels of...

10 Apr 2012

Dot Powell, manager of the British Council's project to create a portal for ESOL teachers and learners, looks at criteria we use to make...

04 Apr 2012

This is the second time Jeremy Harmer and Steve Bingham have performed at BC Seminars, with the distinctive mix of poetry, music and...

27 Mar 2012

Olwyn Alexander and Sue Argent show how EAP is different from ELT by comparing how the two approaches would deal with the same topic...

20 Mar 2012

Jamie Keddie shares a classroom technique for bringing storytelling to the YouTube generation. December 2011, London.

14 Mar 2012

James Clarke explores ways of applying cinema, and potentially filmmaking, to the classroom as a means of enhancing student engagement...

06 Mar 2012

Michael Swan looks at the theory and practice of grammar, and its role in the classroom. February 2012, London.

28 Feb 2012

Russell Stannard outlines some changes that technology is driving in English language teaching, particularly in EAP. November 2011,...

23 Jan 2012

Pauline Moon explores the idea of 'language and literacy as social practices'. She uses activities and discussion to consider how to...

06 Jan 2012

Luke Meddings teaches a live dogme lesson to a group of intermediate level English language learners brought from local schools into a...

23 Nov 2011

Liam Brown reflects on how you might 'survive' as an English language teacher and work on your own professional development. October...

26 Oct 2011

Gavin Dudeney asks 'What is digital literacy?' and considers its implications for teachers. October 2011, Bournemouth.

04 Oct 2011

Philida Schellekens provides an introduction and feedback on a debate about the state of ESOL teaching and learning in the UK. September...

09 Aug 2011

Luke Meddings builds a picture of teaching unplugged. April 2011, London.

04 Aug 2011

Barry O'Sullivan takes a look at language testing, all the way from Imperial China to the present day global industry, and considers...

28 Jun 2011

The film explores the opportunities and challenges experienced by refugees newly arrived in the UK and engages with the need for...

21 Jun 2011

Sam McCarter shares his ideas on how teachers should manage the process of producing materials for the IELTS classroom. He encouraged...

08 Jun 2011

Sam McCarter looks at ways of learning vocabulary for the listening module in IELTS. May 2011, Edinburgh.

20 May 2011

Sam McCarter's talk looks at strategies for improving students’ scores in the IELTS writing module and how to link the same skills to...

20 May 2011

Sam McCarter shares his insights into successfully developing learners' reading skills for the IELTS exam. May 2011, Glasgow.

20 Apr 2011

Phil Bird and Mike Harrison talk about on-line continuing professional development opportunities. 2011.

20 Apr 2011

Caroline Wilkinson and Amanda Wilson discuss a holistic approach to teaching, focusing on learners’ individual needs and the...

20 Apr 2011

Philida Schellekens presents findings from the Cambridge ESOL sponsored research she carried out into first and second language...

14 Apr 2011

Sally Farley explains the ‘7 Principles of Learning’ in order to increase the presence, participation and achievement of all learners in...

18 Mar 2011

Jez Uden's seminar is about the importance of reading for pleasure among English language learners in the UK. March 2011.

17 Mar 2011

David Baker and Keith Harding explore the methodology and materials of ESP and reflect on how these might be used in an ESOL context....

17 Dec 2010

Jame Keddie provides an overview of video in ELT. October, 2010.

10 Dec 2010

Susan Sheehan and Brian North introduce the Core Inventory for General English.

Janet Enever and Jayne Moon
05 Nov 2010

Dr Janet Enever and Jayne Moon explore the trend towards an early start in English internationally, drawing upon substantial experience...

06 Jul 2010

Mike Harrison, Phil Bird, Amanda Wilson and Callie Wilkinson present some free online materials which may be of use to those teaching in...